Monday, August 27, 2007

An Update

Thomas – He’s now at that age where he wants to “do it himself!” He’s a big boy who can get his own water from the refrigerator door, attempt to fix a bowl of cereal, drink from a cup with no lid, and get up in his car seat and seat at the table. He knows that it is Jesus on the cross. He knows his extended family. He follows directions very well (when he wants!), knows his letters, numbers (and knows what is a number and what is a letter) and colors, can count, build tunnels with this blocks, and can talk Daddy into giving him candy!

Sam – She is playing peek-a-boo, snorting, giggling, crawling all over the place, sitting up all by herself, cruising along the furniture, climbing out of her highchair and getting into all of Thomas’ toys, including knocking down the tunnels he builds with his blocks. Sleeping through the night is hit or miss, but she is trying. She is eating real food and is shunning baby food. She is getting a great personality. She loves her Daddy and when she wants him she gets him!

Tom – He is a wonderful Daddy. He has been such an incredible source of help, support and inspiration to me. Mommies are supposed to know everything, be sure everyone had everything they need, cook the dinners, keep the house clean, do the laundry, go to work, fix the boo boos, and be everyone’s cheerleader. Well, Mommy is not very good at doing all of that all of time. Luckily, I don’t’ have to. Tom is always there when I need him and always reminds me that everything does not have be done RIGHT NOW! Tom is working for a smaller company and is enjoying this work, although he’d like to be busier. His love for baseball is being shared with Thomas. Tom is also a wonderful husband. There is no one on this earth I would rather be with, spend time with, or share my life with than him.

Me – I am in constant awe when I look at Thomas and Samantha. Everything about them amazes me, their smiles, their giggles, their development, and their love for me and Tom. I’m still working and am grateful for my job. Being a paralegal for the attorney I work for is challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. Tom and I have been playing in a year-long Texas Hold’em tournament and I am really having fun. Currently we are doing very well, but the last game in either November or December is what will count. I’m going to start a month-long session of the Little Rock Scripture Study course in September and am looking forward to that.

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