Sunday, August 10, 2008


We did it -- attempted Mass with both Thomas and Samantha. It started out well. Thomas said that Jesus was up on the cross, we were going to say our prayers and he would be good. Sam still had her shoes on. As we walked in I noticed several beautiful babies – all in white. Thomas and Samantha noticed the large baptismal font. Oh oh……baptisms. While usually a wonderful ceremony, not so good with two little ones an hour away from lunch time. Poor planning on my part. Well, Mass started late and ran even later. We left the big church to sit out front with the other little ones, but couldn’t stay. While I was so disappointed that we didn’t even get to the Profession of Faith, never mind Communion, I did get to sign Alleluia! with Samantha in my arms, and we were there for about an hour. Next time, we will be able to make the entire service; I am sure.

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